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Operation Migration - Change4Cranes

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The Change4Cranes as a fundraising activity that kids everywhere can participate in.

We now have a Change4Cranes kit, consisting of a little pop-up cardboard coin collection box, peel and stick decals with which to decorate it, and a page of ideas to help get the creative juices flowing. Here at the office we have already seen several examples of wonderfully decorated boxes created by some of our creative and resourceful Craniac Kids.

Any teacher who would like a Change4Cranes kit for their class, or, one for each student, please get in touch by emailing Heather or filling out the form below. Or, if you are a Craniac Kid and would like a kit of your own, just email us your name, mailing address, the name of your school and the grade you are in. Although we still have many kits available, as the new school year approaches we are anticipating that OMís Change4Cranes boxes will soon be in short supply!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Schools or classes signing on as a Change4Cranes participant before September 30 will be entered into a draw. One name will be drawn on October 1st, and the winner will be offered the opportunity to have a member of the OM team come and give a presentation.

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